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The means to participate are App, Email and entering the site.

From this page you can access and be a new member of our Egypt community.

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  • An e-mail address. It will be your access identification.
  • You must create an exclusive password to access.
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What is my postal address in Egypt?

Postal codes in Egypt consist of 5 digits, eg:

1 2 4 1 1

The first number represents the region.
The second number represents the province.
The third number represents the type of service.
The last two numbers represent the delivery area / post office.

Egypt Postal Post Official Site:

How much is the reward for answering online surveys in Egypt?

According to the duration of a few seconds to minutes.

When you receive an invitation, you will find the duration and value that you will get when you complete 100%.

Means to reward you International:

PayPal (PayPal Egypt (English))12.50 USD12.50 USD
Global Gift Card (The Global Gift Card)10.00 USD10.00 USD
Tremendous (Tremendous USD)10.00 USD10.00 USD