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Access and registration Saudi Arabia Says – Arabian

Answer your surveys and earn rewards!

Participate in opinion of products, services and current opinion and receive rewards for it.

دعوات الرد على الاستطلاعات بلغتنا العربية.

The means to participate are App, Email and entering the site.

From this page you can access and be a new member of our Saudi community.

We request:

  • An e-mail address. It will be your access identification.
  • You must create an exclusive password to access.
  • Indicate gender “female” or “male”.
  • Date of birth.
  • Postal code.

How much is the reward for answering online surveys in Arabia Saudi?

According to the duration of a few seconds to minutes.

When you receive an invitation, you will find the duration and value that you will get when you complete 100%.

To respond, online surveys for Arabia Saudi are rewarded to members according to the following table:

020.25 USD
340.38 USD
550.50 USD
670.63 USD
890.75 USD
10111.00 USD
12131.13 USD
14151.38 USD
16181.63 USD
19201.88 USD
21232.13 USD
24252.25 USD
26272.63 USD
28303.25 USD
31353.50 USD
36+4.38 USD

وسيلة لمكافأتك دوليًا:

وسائل المكافآتجائزة
GCodes (GCodes (Arabic) – USD)10.00 USD
PayPal (PayPal Saudi Arabia (Arabic))12.50 USD
Amazon Gift Certificate (Amazon Saudi Arabia (English))13.25 USD