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Access and registration America USA Opina

Participate in opinion of products, services and current opinion and get rewards for it.

The means to participate are App surveys, Email and entering the site.

From this page you can access and be a new member of our North American community of survey respondents.

We request:

  • Email. It will be your access ID.
  • You must create an exclusive password to access
  • Indicate gender “female” or “male”.
  • Date of birth.
  • Zip code.

How do I find my zip code for my location in the United States of North America via the Internet?

Access your postcode option: Access USA postal zip code

Acceso a tu código postal/zip code: Correos de USA acceso código postal

How much is the reward for answering online surveys in the US?

According to the duration from a few seconds to minutes.

At the time of reviewing an invitation, you will find the duration and value you will get when you complete 100%.

For responding, online surveys for the United States of America are earned according to the following table:

020.25 USD
340.38 USD
550.50 USD
670.63 USD
890.88 USD
10111.13 USD
12131.25 USD
14151.63 USD
16181.88 USD
19202.13 USD
21232.38 USD
24252.50 USD
26273.00 USD
28303.63 USD
31354.00 USD
36+5.00 USD

Means to reward you International:

Cint – PayPal (PayPal US)12.50 USD
Amazon Gift Certificate ( $10 Gift Card*)10.00 USD
GCodes (GCodes (English) – USD)10.00 USD
Virtual Visa Debit Card (Virtual Visa Debit Card USD)10.00 USD
GiftCard Pass (GiftCard PASS)10.00 USD
Global Gift Card (The Global Gift Card)10.00 USD
Virtual Visa Debit Card ($25 Virtual Visa Debit Card (USD))25.00 USD