Danmark Siger

Access and registration Danmark Siger

To participate in opinion of products, services and current opinion.

The means to participate are App, Email and entering the site.

You will get rewards Danish krone.

From this page you can access and be a new member of our Danish Community.

We request:

  • An e-mail address. It will be your access identification.
  • You must create an exclusive password to access.
  • Indicate gender “female” or “male”.
  • Fødselsdato.
  • Postnummer.

How Much Can I Get In Rewards By Taking Online Surveys For Danmark?

According to the duration of a few seconds to minutes.

When you receive an invitation, you will find the duration and value that you will get when you complete 100%.

To respond, online surveys for Danmark are rewarded to the member according to the following table:

021.60 DKK
342.40 DKK
553.20 DKK
674.00 DKK
895.60 DKK
10117.20 DKK
12138.00 DKK
141510.40 DKK
161812.00 DKK
192013.60 DKK
212315.20 DKK
242516.00 DKK
262719.20 DKK
283023.20 DKK
313525.60 DKK
36+32.00 DKK

Midler til belønninger tilgængelige:

Charity Denmark (Amnesty International)40.00 DKK79.20 DKK
PayPal (PayPal Denmark)80.00 DKK80.00 DKK
GoGift Superpresentcard (SuperGavekort/Gavekortet.dk)100.00 DKK100.00 DKK
Charity Denmark (Verdensnaturfonden – WWF)40.00 DKK79.20 DKK