Participate surveys in Oceania

America Opina – Oceania

America Opina is a company of statistics and opinion, and offers each user incentive options according to the country in which they are located. Such as, be gift cards-gift cards Amazon, Gcodes. Instant payments according to the country in which you reside and Paypal International.

Subject to the minimum and maximum payment according to the country.

Participating is free and you will receive an incentive to complete 100% of a survey!

To participate, you only need to indicate your Email and create a registration account.


Participate, it’s simple and it’s free!

You only have to access the country in the list of available countries and enter.

  1. Complete the form and send.
  2. Validate email verification (check inbox and / or spam).
  3. Activate the account and complete the user profile.
  4. Check daily.

Remember to complete the profile of interest. This way we will know which topics you want to be consulted.

From 1 to 3 minimum of surveys per user. Subject to availability, by country.

What methods are there to answer online surveys?

From your mobile device, work station and more.

The current methods are:

  1. Email
  2. Application: App-Android and App-iOS
  3. The account on the site (Most preferably the first 2 combined with the third)


Team America Opina – Oceania