Africa Surveys

To participate in paid surveys follow the instructions and all the step-by-step guide.

The surveys are with incentives for this you must register and validate your account. We advise you to read all the available information.

You will find support assistance if you require it.


Participate, it’s simple and it’s free!

You only have to access the country in the list of available countries and enter.

  1. Complete the form and send.
  2. Validate email verification (check inbox and / or spam and add to contacts).
  3. Activate the account and complete the user profile.
  4. Check daily.

The means to participate in paid surveys are:


Paid Surveys app Android e iOS mobile device

You must first register with us to activate the account and have weekly surveys with us.

Website to respond online

The most direct way to see your incentives by 100% answered survey.


If you work with your email you can always use this option.
Respond to survey invitations via email.

Survey page within Africa.
You can only have 1 account with us and you can invite your friends to participate.

The names of the survey panels are by names of respective countries. Example Ghana Says.

To participate in paid surveys with incentives you can participate with the Paid Survey App OpinionApp is compatible and downloadable from Google Play for Android versions and App Store for iOS versions.

Les noms des panels d’enquête sont les noms des pays respectifs. Exemple Maroc dit المغرب يقول.

Pour participer à des sondages rémunérés avec des incitations, vous pouvez participer avec l’appli Enquête payante OpinionApp est compatible et téléchargeable à partir de Google Play pour les versions Android et App Store pour les versions iOS.

أسماء لجان المسح هي أسماء الدول المعنية.
مثال: Maroc dit المغرب يقول.

للمشاركة في الاستطلاعات مدفوعة الأجر مع الحوافز ، يمكنك المشاركة مع تطبيق الاستطلاع المدفوع OpinionApp متوافق ويمكن تنزيله من Google Play لإصدارات Android و App Store لإصدارات iOS.

Para participar de pesquisas pagas com incentivos, você pode participar do aplicativo Pesquisa paga, a App OpinionApp é compatível e pode ser baixada das versões do Google Play para Android e da App Store para iOS.