Participate in paid surveys for America and the world!

Participate today for incentives in money and products to your home!

The means to participate are:


Android and iOS


Web site

Rewards such as payments to your electronic account and gift cards to redeem products on thousands of websites.

Gcodes gift card certificates, redeemable in online stores.

Paypal receives money in your account and withdraw your direct balance to your bank account or simply buy in online stores.

Amazon Gift Card gift card certificate, redeemable at Amazon.com

Select the continent (then select the country):

Companies need to know the needs of their consumers, and thus, work and make better products and services and set rates for their consumers and for this, your opinion is important. Participate with us America Opina give your opinion dynamic and easy to answer surveys.

Remember the means to participate in the surveys are the Opinionapp App, the Website (here in your personal account) and the Email every week.

You will always receive incentives for completing and completing 100% and otherwise it has ended for various reasons such as: Total surveys collected completed.


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    Many thanks! 🙂

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